About us

The company was found in 1990. We sale household goods. At the early 90's we had one ​​70m2 magazine and was selling only a few items.

Currently, we have two storage halls with a total area of ​​4500m2, and more than a dozen thousand range in stock. A significant step in the development of the company was to start import of ceramics and stainless steel.

It allowed for a careful selection of high-quality assortment signed our logo. Because of an honest approach to the trade we gained the most reliable and solid partner.



Spółka Jawna REMIS
Malinowski i Wspólnicy

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ul. Stawowa 7
15-556 Białystok
e-mail: remis@remis.com.pl

t/ f:

+ 48 85 740 80 30
+ 48 85 740 80 60

NIP: 5420000601
REGON: 2338097
KRS: 58387



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